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The Start


Day 81

In the morning I made some small plywood parts and some ash parts that act as tack strips for the interior.  I saved the dirty work for the afternoon.  I cleaned, degreased and painted the areas were the new wood will install.  I used a red rust converting primer and I plan to top coat the areas with black.  I had some extra time toward the end of the day so I sandblasted and powder coated some small brackets (center post upper support and a dash bracket) black. I have a powder coating gun from Harbor Freight Tools and I use power from Caswell Plating.  Works great.  I use a toaster oven for the small stuff and an old house hold oven for bigger things. 

Day 82

 Wood working again this morning.  I made the plywood part that allows the sun visors to recess into the headliner. Like all the old plywood it was delaminated.  I went out to the garage with the intention of top coating the primed areas in black.  The rotten wood over the left doors kept calling me so I decided to yank it out and replace it.  It was in bad shape worse even than the right side. There was nothing remaining that I could use for a pattern.  It a good thing I still had the pattern for the other side.  The procedure was, yank, clean area, prime, make new part and install with epoxy polyurethane sealant and screws.  NO MORE ROTTEN WOOD !!!!!  It's all gone hurray. Oh no I just remembered the doors have wood frames.  You just gota know there is rot in there

Day 83

I top coated the primer with gloss black enamel.

Day 84-86

Easter holidays no Riley work.

Day 87

Today I installed the new rear shelf.  First I had to sand and clean the trunk bulkhead. I applied rust converter to the rusted sections.  I used stainless bolts to hold the shelf down and of course the obligatory polyurethane sealant. Some nifty stainless steel truss head bolts replaced the rusted steel ones to secure the bulkhead to the trunk floor.

Day 88

The wood that forms the lower perimeter of the roof was installed today. The new metal tabs that I welded to the body worked great and I used small screws to attach the wood to them.


Day 89

Today I installed the rear window frame and the plywood corner braces.  I reused the long wood roof supports that go from  front to back.  Everything was installed using stainless screws an epoxy.  Once the epoxy set up the frame was incredibly ridged. I am very pleased with the result. I test fit the roof and it fits well.  Before it's installed it needs to be sandblasted and painted.

Day 90

Today I installed some plywood parts designed to tack the upholstery to and then moved to the front of the car.  Remember the left windshield post?  I never finished installing it.  I used a jack to lift the firewall slightly.  I screwed the post to the support bracket and bolted the bracket to the new sill.  The next step is to install the parts that comprise the curved door shut area. This is now familiar ground and I hope progress can go quickly.