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The Start


Day 21

Big snow.  15-20".  No car work today.  Dig out and shovel off.


Day 22

Purchased the ash for the sills at a lumberyard in Enfield.  I got 5/4 x 6 x 12'.  This should be enough for all the parts.


Day 23

I removed the front vent panel under the windshield.  This part is screwed and nailed to the wood framing and then leaded over.  Of course, while melting the lead to find the nail heads and remove the lead from the seams I started the wood on fire (again).  This time it wasn't so bad.  A quick trip outside for some snow and it was back to work.  The wood looks good enough for patterns which is good because the left side has no wood left.  The difficult part of this job will be to keep the proper contour for the door opening and not make the gap too large or too small.  The wood post that supports the door striker and the windshield looks solid.  I forgot to mention to get the vent panel off I had to removed some small chrome trim.  To remove the chrome trim the dashboard had to come out.  This meant disconnecting all the wires and cables.  FUN, FUN, FUN.  The garage is a mess.  Next job -- Clean Up.


Day 24

Snow day.  No Riley work today.


Day 25

Today I made patterns of the door opening and the wood pieces in case they fall apart when I remove them.  It turns out they stayed in good shape and can be used as a pattern.  I removed the wood sill and used it as a template for a new one.  I cut the sill from 5/4 ash and planed it to 1" thick.  This is 1/4" thicker than the old one.  It should flex less.  To keep the same body height I will reduce the spacers to 1/4" from 1/2".  Inset into the sill is a metal support for the center B post.  I used a router to make a 1/8" pocket for this support.  I used wood biscuits and stainless steel screws along with some epoxy to hold both parts of the sill together.


Day 26

I worked on the curved pieces that form the front door shut.  I traced the old ones and glued two pieces together to get the correct thickness.  Set them aside to cure.  I then started making the metal brackets that screw to the wooden sill.  The B post bracket is an L shape that extends from the body mount to the outer sill under the floor.  It was fabricated from 1/8" steel bent in a vise.  There is also a bracket in the front of the sill where it bolts to the front body mount and the side support.  I made two of both parts so the other side should go quicker.



Days 27 and 28

No Riley work


Day 29

I worked and the front body support.  It was rusted so I unbolted and unscrewed it from the car.  I fabricated a new mount and repaired the sheet metal for the support.  I welded the whole the up, sand blasted and painted it.


Day 30

Installed the mount and bolted it in place.  I cleaned the windshield support first.  Then I installed the new wood sill with the two metal reinforcing plates and bolted it down with 1/4" spacers.  Next I screwed and bolted the bulk head support in place.  After some sanding and shaping I glued the two pieces of wood that make the forward door shut in place with epoxy.  I tried to fit the rear door to determine where the B post should be located but I couldn't get the door to fit worth a darn and I called it a day.