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Day 51-57

No Riley work

Day 58

I started working on the Riley today after a week off. I started by removing the old wooden sill on the left side. Using a grinder and a cutoff wheel I removed the bolts. When things are this rusty it just doesn't pay to use a wrench. After the sill was out I was able to remove the firewall support bracket. It looks better than the right one but I will know more after I sand blast it. The doors were left in place on this side and the center post was supported by a jack. I turned my attention to the wood windshield post, to get a better look at the rot I removed the door striker plate. On earlier RMs I think the plate is screwed directly to the wood. Mine were machine screws threaded into a steel plate. The screws wouldn't budge so I drilled them out. I then cut the metal door shut above the striker plate to expose the wood. The windshield post will have to be replaced from the striker plate location down. To get better access to all this I removed the left windshield.  It came out scary easy not much was holding it in. The metal body flange the window fits in looks good so that's a relief. Tomorrow sill building.


Day 59

I started building the new sill for the left side today.  I used the old sill for a pattern.  The horizontal part was made 1 inch thick and the side part 3/4 inch thick, same as the right side. Beachwood biscuits stainless screws and epoxy was used to join everything together.  I applied epoxy to all the surfaces to seal them.  I was feeling good about the speed with which  everything was going together, when I realized I forgot to make the  mortise for the center support bracket. I will just have to carve it out with a chisel when everything has setup.


Day 60

I made the mortise for the center post bracket that I forgot yesterday.  I used a chisel and a hammer.  Not as easy as the router method but it worked fine. Then I sanded the sill in preparation for a second coat of epoxy. Using  the curved door shut wood from the right side and the left vent panel I made patterns for the left door shut wood.  If you will remember the left side wood was missing both from rot and my small fire. I transferred the patterns to an ash plank and cut out two of each part. The two parts were epoxied (epoxied is apparently not a real word but I like it) together to make the correct thickness. While the epoxy was setting up I cleaned the basement.  What a mess, saw dust everywhere. When I could see the floor again I moved on to sandblasting.  I loaded the blast cabinet with new sand (actually a less dusty alternative called black beauty) I blasted the vent panel and the firewall support. Both are in better shape than the right side ones. I don't think the firewall support will need anything but paint.