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The Start


December 20 2008

I started work on the spare tire door.  First  I had to clean the rust off from years in storage. Next I constructed the wood

frame parts using the old rotted ones as patterns.  I made the bottom pins from stainless steel and primed the inside.



December 27 and 28, 2008

I worked to complete the left side of the car.  I welded in a patch by the body mount and seat pillar.  I finished the front door close area and covered the sill wood with stainless steel sheet.  I checked the door alignment about ten times. It got worse every time.  I decided to install the spare tire door with its hardware to check for alignment.  I finished out the day with a little welding and I filled in a speaker hole in the dash shelf area.


January 4, 2009

I had a helper in the form of "little boy".  He removed the interior door panels and vacuumed out copious mouse nests.  As a reward he also found a 1916 English penny.  It is now his most prized possession.  He also ground the trunk chrome strip mounting brackets and removed the studs.  I wasn't nearly as productive.  I banged out a dent in the trunk lid and applied rust converter on the right scuttle panel. 


January 5, 2009

I spent a lovely time cleaning rust with a wire brush and sand paper in the battery and tool compartment area.  Then I moved on to around the windshield and the left scuttle area.  I applied rust converter to try and get the area clean.  I finally tried my hand at leading.  I leaded the left door opening covering the nail and screw heads.  It came out pretty good.  Then I moved to the right side. 


January 6, 2009

I sandblasted lots of small brackets and a roof.  Powdered coated the small parts and primed the roof and the roof metal cross support.


January 10, 2009

I wire brushed the underside of the roof and primed it. 


January 15, 2009

Some more powder coating today.


January 20, 2009

Attached the roof to the wooden structure with nails and screws.  YEA!!!!  Finally some reassembly.  I had a hard time getting the roof to fit.  I finally had to slit the roof metal on the right side and re-weld it to get it to fit properly.  Now its time to move on to the doors.  The front right door does not look too good.  The wood is rotten and needs to be replaced.  Time for a trip to the lumber yard.



January 24, 2009

Patched a small square hole in the passenger toe board next to the hole for the heater tubes.  I then used a wire brush to clean the bulkhead and dash shelf area.  Then I had to remove the steering wheel which requires removing the steering shaft.  Which requires removing a very long hollow tube with wires in it.  Which requires unhooking those wires.  You get the idea.  It took a while but eventually it was done.