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The Start


December 8


I continued with the paint stripping on the front fender. I'm still using a scraper and a little heat now and then, works great.  The bracket that mounts the fender to the chassis support was rusted and cracked in half. Surprised? No. Me neither. The area where the bracket is spot welded to the fender is a notorious rust trap. I ground down the spot welds and removed the bracket. Luckily their was not much rust underneath.  After thinking about how to replace the bracket and consulting the RM club forum, I decided to forgo the alternate methods for solving this problem and replace the bracket  with a new one. I fabricated two at the same time. I'm learning! I welded the new bracket in place slightly closer to the top of the fender than it was originally placed. I reasoned I could always add spacers to achieve the correct height. I occurred to me after everything was in place the factory probably spot welded the inner end of the bracket and then placed the fender on the car and moved the outer end to correctly adjust the fender before welding it in place. Finished with the bracket I moved to the rear of the fender and repaired  some rust holes and made a new doubler plate and welded it in place. Last in the list I removed a 18 inch length of reinforcing gutter from the inside rear of the fender and replaced the badly rusted section with new metal.




December 11

Work commenced on the the other fender. Same scraping and grinding. The repair was much the same as the first fender with the exception of a rust hole through the top of the fender under the spot welds.



December 11

I buffed the chrome headlight rings, they came out great. Of the two rings that hold the headlights in place one was brass chrome plated and looks great. The other was steel chrome plated and has some rust pits.  I wonder why the different material? 


December 19

Some small work on the headlight buckets. Some previous owner cut the wires to the bulb receptacle and the rejoined them and taped the whole mess up. I will need to replace the wires with new.  The buckets need to be striped and powder coated.  Big snow tonight with 12-24 inches predicted. I think that's all until after Christmas. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone.