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The Start


February 1 

More snow!

February 5

I used some black chromate solution to turn some of the Zinc plated parts black.  The solution is also supposed to  make the zinc more durable.


February 7

I am still working on the small parts.  I cleaned the front wheel bearings again and inspected them. I don't mind saying that I have a hard time telling if a bearing is worn unless its really bad.  So as a result I am still undecided if the bearings will be reused.  I cleaned and polished the torsion bar tubes and nuts.  The nuts will have to be plated.  The large nuts that hold the bearings on the front hubs were also polished and will have to be plated. Ditto with the front wheel brake cylinder pistons.  While cleaning the front brake shoe springs it became evident that the left side springs were much stronger than the right.  Why?


February 9

Removed the bushes from the king pin trunnions.  Lots of heat and pounding was required. I was anxious not to crack the castings. Plated some small parts and used the lathe to machine some rubber bushings for the exhaust hangers.

February 10

I started work on the rear axle.  Removed the springs and the hand brake mechanism.  I cleaned it with a wire brush and split it in half to inspect the bearings and crown and pinion gears.

February 11

More cleaning and inspecting of the rear axle bearings and gears.  The differential thrust bearings look good.  The pinion bearings I am not  sure about I may replace them.  The crown gear or ring as we call it here in the states, seems fine, however the pinion has some wear and scuff marks.  I don't know much about differentials and I am sure if I had more experience the condition of this one would be more readily evident to me.  I'll just do the best I can. I need to get a 2 1/16 wrench to remove the half shaft nuts.


February 14

Purchased some more sand and blasted the rear axle housing, the hand brake mechanism and springs and hangers. I then setup the axle on stands for painting.  I modified the axle vent by soldering a small tube in the hole to help keep the vent open and keep dirt out.


February 15

I plated some parts for the hand brake and powder coated others.  Next I cleaned the mess I like to call a garage, if I ever catch the guy who is making such a mess...

February 16

I primed the axle and frame with epoxy primer.  I used the airless sprayer instead of a brush and the primer went on much more smoothly.  However the axle slipped off the stand, no damage.  The ground was like a skating rink and I slipped and fell a couple of times, good thing no one was around to laugh.

February 17

Fixed axle stand and painted the frame and axle with 2 part polyurethane (jet black).  This time I spread some sand on the ice so I wouldn't slip.  For some reason I seem to have a lot of sand just lying around.  The paint job came out ok a little textured because I didn't sand the epoxy undercoat.  I think it will be fine.  I am going to let the paint harden in the heated garage for a few days.