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The Start


January 10

Sand blasted the suspension arms, front brake backing plates, brake master cylinder and some other odds and ends. Sanded down some weld splatter on the arms and coated them with phosphoric acid.  The day was very cold and windy the air line for the sand blaster kept freezing.  Powder coating tomorrow.   I ordered a zinc plating kit and a power supply to plate the old nuts and bolts.

January 11

Powder coated the above parts some I gave two coats.

January 12

Snow day for the little boy.  The weather has been too cold to paint and the delays have caused the epoxy primer on the frame to go beyond its recoat window.  No choice but to sand the whole frame.  With dedicated help sanding it went quickly.

January 14

Cleaned and powder coated the right torsion bar and its adjusting bracket.  I am putting lots of nuts and bolts through the vibratory tumbler to clean them prior to plating.


Powder coated left torsion bar and more tumbling.

January 19

I picked up more sand for sandblasting.  Today I received the power supply for plating and set up an area in the basement for the plating line.  I ordered a lot of parts from the RM club on the 15th.  It was my first parts order from the UK.  I hope everything goes smoothly.

January 20

Sand blasted the front radiator bumper support and associated brackets.  The mud flaps and tie rods were also blasted.  I used 4 bags of sand.  The tube for the starting handle was rusted and had broken away from its mounting brackets.  I made a new one using part of an old bicycle frame.


January 22

I started up the plating tanks and zinc plated some nuts bolts and hardware.  It worked great.  The surfaces are a dull gray color and should resist corrosion.  Later I may dip the parts in a black chromate solution to make them more durable and of course turn them black.  The process of plating is easy but preparing the parts is time consuming. They need to be clean and rust free to get good results.

January 23

More plating

January 24

Its cold out  -15 degrees F. More powder coating today.  Hurray the parts arrived from England. Oh no I forgot to include some critical items in my order.

January 25 

Still powder coating and plating.  This stage is stretching on far longer than I would have thought. I am still waiting for warmer weather to paint the frame. We have had at least one large snow storm a week since Christmas.  Currently we have 3 feet of snow on the ground.

January 26

Ordered the brake line and fittings.  I am bending and flaring the brake lines myself using copper nickel brake line. I also placed another order with the club for more parts.

January 28

I had to shovel the snow off the roof of the garage before it collapsed under all the weight.

January 31

I used the milling machine to remove the bolts form the rear spring shackle. The old bolts were bent and rusted.  I will have to weld the new ones to the backing plate.  The new bolts are not the same profile as the old ones and I used the lathe for the first time to reduce the diameter of one end.