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The Start


January 24 2012

Today I started on the front wings, again not as good as I remembered them.  Block sanding revealed a lot of highs and lows, I worked on fixing them with a hammer and dolly and of course my old friend filler.


January 25

I finished the wings and sanded the primer on the headlight nacelles-bonnet sides and front number plate thingy.

January 26

Primed everything with two coats of epoxy primer.


January 30

I started working on the rear fenders, like the other body panels primed long ago lots of room for improvement.  Next turned my attention to the running boards and block sanded and applied some filler.  I am not going to make my January  31 deadline for paint completion.  Also time to renew my club membership and order some parts before the big parts department switch over.


February 1

Finished work on the running boards and primed them along with the rear wings.


February 2

Sanded the epoxy primer and sprayed high build primer on all the parts.  I used up all the high build primer, hope I don't need any for the bonnet tops.


February 3

Block sanded bonnet tops and they look much better.


February 5

In preparation for reassembling the Riley I need to get some items chromed.   I could just drop off the things at the chrome shop and have them disassemble, clean, strip the old chrome, polish and re-plate  them. However they charge for all that work and chrome plating is expensive enough already.  So I decided to try and do as much of the prep work as I could. I used acid and electricity to strip the chrome from the door latch wedges. It worked great so I tried the same technique on the steel door latch plate.  Not a good result the acid eats into the steel with out releasing the nickel plate.  Good thing I only put one door latch in the acid its going to take a lot to clean it up.


February 6

Started sanding the high build primer.  Slow going. Finished one front wing and 1/2 of the other plus the running boards done.


February 7

Finished sanding high build primer.


February 8

Primed with epoxy primer extra heavy on bonnet tops because these don't have any high build on them  (ran out).


February 9

Wet sanded with 800 then 1000 grit- looks good


February 13

Last primer coat.  (famous last words)

February 16

Wet sanded the remaining body parts with 1000 grit.


February 17

In an attempt to keep dust out of the paint I took everything out of the garage and used a pressure washer and hose to clean the garage top to bottom.


February 22

Painted the under side of the bonnet halves , front wings, bonnet sides and headlight nacelles.  I tried to leave more room between things so I could move around better but I still dragged my air hose in paint of the left front wing.  I tried to fix it by spraying more pain on top but ended up with big runs. More sanding :-(


February 23

Painted rear fenders, tops of bonnet, running boards and front number plate thingy.  I turned down air pressure to the spray gun and cut back on the paint flow knob.  No runs but too much orange peal-try again.


February 25

I started work on the windshield.  The glass is starting to delaminate and I will need to replace it.  I had to remove it first.  Step 1 remove the screws that hold the windshield frame together. The screws were so rusted I had to drill them out.  I separated the frame and withdrew the little brass angles that the screws are threaded into.  In drilling out the screws I damaged some of the threaded holes and had to fill them with silver solder and re-tap them.  With the windshield frame apart I withdrew the glass and removed all the rubber weather striping.  On the back side of the frame I removed the brackets that hold the windshield to the body.  Now the frame is ready to be sent out for chrome plating.


February 26

I sanded and polished parts that were rusted an pitted to get them ready for chrome.  The windshield center support, door latches and door wedges


February 27

Sanded the runs out of the front wing and repainted along with the bonnet sides.  I didn't thin the paint enough and got some orange peal but I am out of paint and out of patience.  I am going to try wet sanding and buffing to fix any problems.  Thus ends the first age of Riley painting and may it be the last.