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The Start


January 3 2012

Well a new year and another year of Riley restoration.  Will this be the year the Riley gets back on the road?  I hope so. Let's get to it then,  I moved the painted body and chassis to the other garage and set up tables for all the other parts in the main garage.  There are lots of other parts.  I started on the doors first.  Keen readers of this blog will remember the left rear door did not fit as well I would like.  After trying everything I could think of  to close up the gap between the front and rear doors and failing I took the drastic step of adding metal to the front edge of the rear door.  The filler metal I used was an 1/8 inch welding rod.  I used the tig welder to attach it to the front flange of the rear door.  It took a long time.  I tried to keep the welds short and move around a lot to keep the heat distortion to a minimum. After the metal was added I took a close look at the fairness of the door.  Way back when I first faired the door I must have not done such a great job because it was a mess.  I used the torch and shrinking disc to remove numerous bumps and the hammer and dolly to smooth the whole thing out. Of course by smooth I mean slightly better than the cratered surface of the moon and not as good as a pane of glass.

January 4

More door work with the pick hammer and filler- many passes later it is looking better.  I hope it gets easier from here.

January 5

More work on doors.  Almost done,  Worked some on bonnet center support.  I really thought I had done a better job on all these parts when I first primed them long ago.


January 6

Today I finished sanding the doors  ( ha ha you never finish sanding you just stop) and sprayed primer on the inside and the flipped them over and primed the outside.


January 7

Sanded the primer ( see not done sanding after all) and sprayed high build primer on the outside of the doors.


January 9

Time for more block sanding.  I used 400 grit wet dry paper and a long block to sand the high build primer.  I found some pin holes  and used a small amount of filler to fix them.  I test fit the left doors and thanks to the extra metal on the rear door the gaps are now much better. 


January 10

Sprayed epoxy primer on the doors and the underside of the bonnet halves.  No I didn't fare the undersides of the bonnet lids. I'm not that nuts.


January 11 

Painted the door sides,  Under bonnet  and under bonnet center support black.  I put on three coats and just about used up all my paint so I will have to order more.


January 12

Wet sanded the outside of the doors, boot lid and bonnet center support.  Too much rain to paint.


January 13

In an attempt to keep dust off the painted surfaces I hung a plastic sheet in the garage to form a ceiling.  Then I painted two coats of black on the doors boot lid and center support.  The plastic did not work.  It made things worse, more dust than ever ended up in the paint. SO I took down the wonderful plastic ceiling.


January 19

I wet sanded the doors boot lid and the bottom of the center support and sprayed one coat of black.  The coat is too thin and you can see the sanding scratches in the paint.  On the plus side less dust.


January 20

Yeah more sanding and on the same parts,  This time with 1000 grit.  Sprayed another coat on parts better some dust but no runs.  However  while I was checking the paint after cleaning the paint gun I discovered a fly stuck in the paint.  This was a tough fly and he wasn't giving up easily I could his little fly tracks along the door surface. I removed him with a pair of teasers and decided his marks just add character to the Riley.


January 23

I decided to stake my sanity on the idea that buffing and polishing will improve the paint surface.  If you know better please don't tell me.  I attached doors and boot lid to body and everything fit Yeah.