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The Start


March 11

I used a scraper to strip the trunk.  The paint flaked off easily.  The edges of the trunk presented a greater challenge and I used a variety of sanders and wire brushes to clean them up.  The trunk has more dents and problem areas than I thought.  I did my best to bump and pry the metal back into shape.  Then I treated the whole trunk with phosphoric acid to remove any remaining rust.  The trunk has two holes that were obviously for some sort of script or badge.  I don't think RMs had any trunk badging so I filled in the holes.  Then I did another body work pass on the spare tire door.  It's slowly getting there.  


March 12

SET BACK:(  I reattached the trunk and spare tire door and really looked closely at their alignment.  The right rear corner was not fitting correctly.  The gap between the trunk and the body closed to almost nothing.  I don't know why I didn't see this before but somehow I had to correct it.  By hammering and sanding I was able to improve the gap slightly.  In the end I cut a slot in the body just next to the trunk aperture and hammered the gap closed and welded it all together.  This improved the fit of the trunk and spare tire door but know I will have to refare the area.  It's the old two steps forward and three steps back.  The body work is getting very tiresome and I hope I can conclude it soon.


March 16

Well you guessed it...more body work.  Today I am fixing the right rear corner.  I am still trying to get the proper gaps.  More faring to be done on the trunk lid. 


March 17

Everything was progressing well so I cut the holes for the rear bumper irons.  This led me to notice the left rear corner had a flatter profile than the right.  I am not happy.  I may just live with it.  More sanding on the trunk and spare tire door and lots of work to get the spare door to sit properly. 



March 18

Couldn't live with it and I decided to do something to make the two rear corners match.  I made the left match the right with the use of some big clamps and a rather large hammer.  I had to sand off all the body filler on that corner and start again.  Good news... the new profile uses less filler.  The first time I see someone else's Riley I am going check to see if I have the rear corners on my car correct.  You know I didn't. 


March 19

I finished faring the left corner.  It looks good.  I did some welding on the corner of the spare tire door to fix a crack and added a small piece that acts as a sort of gutter.  I was going to skip this but the Riley made me feel guilty.  Since the welder was out I rewelded the center post on the left side to its bracket.  I did a messy job the first time around.  Then I made a new corner for the rear seat bottom.  The old corner being rather lace-like.  I will be priming when we have good weather.  Rain today.


March 20

Clean up and prep for priming this weekend.  Vacuumed the car and cleaned the spray gun.  With good weather I will prime tomorrow.


March 21

Primed the car with epoxy primer.  I went over it with three coats.  Looks good but it did highlight some areas that need more work.  Next...fenders, hood and running boards.


March 27

Primed floor boards.