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The Start


January 16

I moved the Riley in to the working garage so I can test fit the running boards and fenders.


Steven helped me hang the left side fenders and running board. The fit is not that great.

January 20

I worked more on getting the left side fenders and running board to line up. The front fender needed some metal welded to the mounting points. This enabled me to move the fender out away from the center line of the car.  This was necessary because the bonnet side would not fit in the fender groove and slide over the scuttle panel. I had to cut re-contour and weld the front of the running board to make it match the rear of the front fender. The running board has a serious slant toward the center of the car. Is this normal? I think Ill attach the fenders and running board on the right side of the car and see if it matches.

January 21

I asked for some help on the Riley forum and got some good advice on the way everything should fit. I made the holes in the left front fender slotted so I could move it back about 1/2 inch. The gap between the running board and the rear fender is now about 1/2 inch.  Moved on to the right side of the car and tried to attach the rear fender. Easy? No some of the holes in the fender did not line up with the nuts welded to the inner fender well. Some dope did not measure correctly. Oh wait I'm the dope, never mind.  I used the air nibbler to enlarge the slotted holes in the fender. Mounted the running board and the front fender.  This side fits better.


January 22

Right side,  more work on the rear fender. there is some sort of metal flap mounted to the front of the fender. I replaced this with what I thought was an identical match but of course it didn't fit. So I had to drill out the welds and weld in a new one with the correct profile. I moved to the front of the Riley and removed the bumper and the number plate panel. The number panel was mangled, I straightened is some what. I reinstalled it and clamped the front fenders to it. The panel is perforated with many extra holes drilled through the years. I plan to weld most closed. Still trying to tweak the left side to get everything lined up. Its a struggle to get things to fit.

January 23

I bought a combination tachometer clock instrument from the web and it arrived Friday. Its from an Austin Atlantic so it only goes to 5000 rpm and says Smiths but I gave up trying to find a Riley one I could afford. I plan to convert it to electronic operation to avoid all the complexity of the mechanical system. I hooked up power to the clock and nothing. Cleaned the points and oiled the mechanism and now runs like, well a clock.

January 25

I worked on getting the bonnet sides and top to fit. Spent a long time bending the hinges for the bonnet tops trying to the bonnet to open and close smoothly and still fit when closed. I had the tops on and off about 100 times.  the center support forward mounting plate had to be replaced the old one was to wide and egged out.  The bracket that the rear of the center bracket bolts to needed some work too.  The holes for the screws were to big and the screw heads kept popping through. I welded them up and re-drilled them. I also replaced the studs with new ones. There seems to be some debate on whether this bracket should live under or over the sheet metal of the body work. I put mine over Its lots easier and I didn't want to disturb my bodywork. While the welder was out I filled some holes in the number plate panel.

January 26

More bonnet alignment. I tried to install the bonnet latch assembly, left side fine right side no go. The bulkhead fouled the actuating bar. I had to cut some wood to make it fit. Next I removed the grill and it became obvious that the left front fender was still too far forward. I removed the fender and moved it back about 1/2 inch.  At the same time I moved the channel for the bonnet side. The side was pinching hard against the scuttle panel so I drilled out the spot welds and re-bent part of the fender to move the channel over about 1/8 inch. I hope that is enough. Ended the day by removing all the fenders and running boards.

January 27

I moved the Riley into the other shed, always an adventure, and prepared the garage for body work on the fenders and running boards. I.e. cleaned up . I made a wooden jig to hold the rear fenders during body work. Using a hammer dolly and the shrinking disc I started to straighten the rear fenders. News flash I'm still not very good at bodywork.

January 29

Lots of snow today And lots of time spent to remove it. Some more hammering smoothing and shrinking was accomplished.  I am making some progress