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The Start


November 14

I removed the old battery box and tool area floor.  The floor was rusted to a thin lace like appearance and I will replace it with new metal.  The battery box was repaired previously by riveting a new box together and slipping that box into the old rusted opening. The repair was rusted and I had visions of the battery breaking through the bottom of the box and landing on the passengers feet. I am using 16 ga sheet steel. It is slightly thicker than original but is easier to weld without burning through. I cut out the new parts and bent them on the brake. I started to weld them in but it got too dark to finish.


November 15

Some of the books I have read describe the Riley heater. It had a large blower in the engine compartment. Controls allowed the driver to set the temperature and direct the airflow.  Not my heater, its pretty basic with a small fan in the unit and two flapper doors to direct the warm air.  I took apart the heater and cleaned the core by flushing it with hot water.  Lots of rust came out, but eventually it stopped spitting out rust and the water ran clear. The blower motor actually worked when I hooked it up to 12vdc. Hooray. The heater case will need to be bead blasted and painted and the chrome shined up. I have ordered some black wrinkle powder coat to match the original color and texture.  Wrinkle paint is too cool.

November 20

Today I spent some more time welding in the battery box area.  I used the tig welder and tried to do a nice job.  It takes a long time to tig weld so I still have more to go.

November 25

I switched my blasting cabinet to glass beads and had a go at the heater parts.  It works great on aluminum but is very slow on steel and rust. So I fired up the pressure blaster and cleaned up the heater case in no time at all.  I also created a big mess on the freshly fallen snow.  Yes that right snow. Now I regret all that time in the summer that I didn't work on the Riley. After the blasting I used some body solder to smooth out the rust pits on the front cover. The back housing needs some welding to fix rust holes.

November 27

I welded the back housing and filled the holes.  then I applied body solder to fill the low areas.  I powder coated with wrinkle finish. The back came out great, on the front cover I either applied the powder to thickly or allowed the oven to get to hot.  the coating didn't relay wrinkle instead it puffed up.  At least it was easy to scrape off.  The second attempt went much better.  I put the whole thing together and it looks good and works.