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The Start


November 15

I finally accepted that it is too cold to paint outside.  With high temperatures in the 40s,  (that's in Fahrenheit no newfangled metric here) I had to find someplace warm to paint.  Hell (the place I said I would be the next time I tried to paint a car)  was booked so I took everything movable out of the garage to make room to work on the Riley.  I turned it into a sort of dusty spray booth.


November 16

I started block sanding the car with the idea of faring out the panels and removing any imperfections. For some reason the car is not as good body as I remember.  Sand fill, sand fill same old pattern.  I finished off the boot lid and spare tire door.


November 17

More sanding and filling. A troublesome area is just above the swage line on the rear of the body.  Hope to prime soon.


November 18

I took a brake from sanding to make some new door hinge pins.  I used the lathe and 3/8 inch stainless bolts.  First I drilled out the hinges to12/32 inch and then turned the bolts down to fit the hole.  I was so fascinated by the sight of the lathe on auto feed that I managed to turn  2 pins undersize and had to make more.  The pins have a hole in the top for oil feed and a spiral grove down the shank to distribute the oil.  I was unable to replicate the spiral grove on the lathe and I had to cut a straight one on the milling machine.  Oversize pins are available from the club.  If you need them buy them.


November 21

More sanding and prep for primer.  Every time I look over the car I find more problems.  I should stop looking.  I started masking the Riley for primer lots to cover.  I am using brown craft paper in the hopes it will hold up better than news print and no inky fingers.


November 22

Finished masking and started on plastic curtain to separate the tools and supplies from the paint area.


November 23

Primed the body-went well I had the spray gun adjusted properly and the primer went on smoothly.  I need to leave the heat on to cure the paint.


November 26

After spending thanksgiving with the in-laws I was ready to get back to work on the Riley.  I sanded the primer and exposed still more trouble spots.  Will it never end?  Got the boot lid from storage and discovered a small dent, fill sand ect.  Hope to spray high build primer tomorrow.  


November 27

Sanded  filler on the trunk lid and sprayed high build primer.  The first coat was not thinned enough and left a rough texture. The second coat was better but the surface is still rough. 


November 29 

Sanded the high build primer.  Its hard to sand and thick.  I block sanded all day and got about 3/4 of the car done.  High build primer is great stuff for leveling the surface.



November 30

Yes more sanding, boot lid and the rest of the car.  Starting to look good.  After I finished sanding I cleaned up to prepare for the final epoxy primer coat.  The epoxy primer seals the high build primer.  I had to re-mask some areas, also don't use plastic sheet for masking,  paint wont stick to it and flakes off at the most inconvenient times.


December 1

Final primer coat went on well,  ok I did manage to get  two small runs.  A couple of days ago I sandblasted the rear jacking points and some parts from the parking brake.  Today I powder coated those parts black.


December 5

I wet sanded the primer with 400 grit then with 800 grit to smooth it in preparation for paint.  Its smooth I just hope its smooth enough.  I must say I am nervous about painting, all this work to get here and I don't want to ruin it.


December 8

Painted the body today.  It started badly when I was delayed at the barn with the horse dentist and went down hill from there.  I must have been rushing because I forgot to use the tack cloth and the car was covered in fuzz from the wipe down cloth.  I pressed on with the first coat despite this and it went ok.  I should have stopped there but instead tried for a second coat and ran the paint in numerous places. More sanding, oh well. 


December 9

Tried to sand paint too soft.


December 11

I wet sanded the car with 800 grit paper.  Managed to sand through to primer in some areas.  For the big runs I listened to my fathers suggestion ( sometimes fathers do know something ) to scrape carefully with a razor blade and this worked great.



December 12

Paint again today.  This time I remembered to use the tack cloth and the first coat went on well.  I must have bad second coat technique because I ran the paint again. Well as you can imagine I was not happy and started to doubt my ability to finish the Riley. I had bad thoughts about selling the car and taking up knitting.  


December 15

Wet sanded the Riley with 1000 grit and prepared for paint yet again.


December 16

  Today I tricked the paint gods. I only sprayed one coat and it came out nice.  Not perfect some small problem areas but compared to the past attempts great.  Now all I have to paint are the doors, boot lid, bonnet sides and top, wings and running boards, headlight nacelles and the number plate thingy. Stay tuned in 2012 for more updates.

Happy Holidays and a great New Year to everyone