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The Start




November 25

I am working on lots of little parts. I started with the pedals.  They were wire brushed sanded and powder coated black.  The pedals, rods and clevis pins have very little ware. I do need to get new pedal rubber bellows to keep the draft and dust out. The interior lights were a rusty mess. At first I thought they were chromed but then it became obvious they were painted. I cleaned them up ant powder coated them silver. I spent some time getting the switches to work.  Now all I need are the lenses.  Years of looking on ebay have failed to turn up any. Any ideas? 

November 30

The wiper motor was next on the list. It was rusty both inside and out and did not work. Well why should it. Upon disassembly I discovered the armature was sticking in its bore.  At first I thought it was just a mater of cleaning everything but this didn't help.  I ended by using a hole saw to enlarge the bore  and gain clearance. After much fiddling with the brushes and the commutator I got the motor to run reliably. 



December 1

On to the wiper motor gear case. It had a hole caused by corrosion. I was able to weld a patch with some success but the alloy Lucas used was never meant to be welded. After welding I used some filler and painted. looks good.  The rubber mounts for the wiper motor had separated an I cleaned them and rebonded the metal to the rubber with polyurethane sealant. aka Sikaflex



December 2

The wiper motor attaches to a metal bracket and I cleaned and powder coated the bracket black. The wiper arms are moved by a cable gearbox arrangement and I cleaned and greased the whole works. Everything works smoothly now. I know on the first dark rainy night I'll reach for the wiper switch and hear the reassuring hum of the rebuilt wiper system. After 30 seconds the whole mess will seize up and catch fire. Ah old car ownership.

December 3

I cleaned and powder coated the hood (bonnet) release  shafts and brackets. I'll spare you the gory details of how I removed the knobs from the shafts except to say it involved drills taps heat and cursing.  The plates that capture the pedal rubbers were worked on next. I had to weld up some extra holes some previous owner drilled. Then I powder coated them. To finish off the day I cleaned and degreased the speedometer cable.  The riley is the only old car I have ever worked on whose cable was not broken mangled or in some way nonfunctioning. 


December 5

I striped the paint from the running boards. The chrome strips came off first and they polished up nicely. I will need some more hold down studs as I am missing some and others were badly rusted. I cot out some rust and welded in new metal to the leading edge of the right running board.

December 6

I removed the headlight and nacelle from the right front fender (wing).  When I started to strip the paint I discovered more evidence of the Riley's original color. (silver streak gray )